Art Al A Cart – Long Treks On Skate Decks

Many of you had the pleasure of learning about Paul and his crew making a difference from AG’s recent post titled “Long Treks On Skate Decks”. I have had the pleasure of emailing with Paul and through that learned that AG wasn’t entirely accurate with all our information and wanted to include this update that he sent me:

“LongTreksOnSkateDecks covered a solo trip done by our team mate Laura Hatwell who raised money for Help for Hero’s based out of the UK where she lives.

I have strongly considered doing an event for a charity to help Soldiers with PTSD having been in the Army myself and having lots of friends serving in Afghanistan. But due to our heavy focus on documenting our trip through photographs, video, music, stories and poem, we’ve decided to partner up with a local charity this year named Art a la Carte. Art a la Carte is a small charity based out of Calgary Alberta Canada that focuses on patients recovering from cancer. They provide artwork of various media types which is loaned/presented to the patients at local cancer centers. We will be providing landscape photography as well as photographs of us on our journey’s to Art a la Cart to be used as images to help ease patients, or to help motivate them. On our next voyage to morocco, we are also trying to raise a Minimum of $1 per Kilometer for each rider (totaling $7500 minimum} for the charity. Our mission is to inspire people first and foremost so we felt this was an excellent charity to work with.”

I have to say, I really admire Paul for the thought he’s putting into his charity of choice. AG is always encouraging people to find a cause they REALLY connect with, not just the first one they see. It’s as important to connect with your cause as it is to connect with your challenge.

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